Wednesday, 11 September 2013

VW T25 Campervan DIY Makeover - Pip returns!

t25 vw campervan makeover
Guess what guys? Pip is back! Unfortunately due to wedding planning, running our own business and buying our first house, Pip has been a little neglected. We haven't taken him out to play much, but he has been spending some time at his grandparents, and my dad has finally finished all the woodwork and electrics!
VW Campervan DIY Makeover
We now have a fully operational cutlery draw above the fridge, hurrah! and there are shelves in the 2 bottom cupboards too, so no more shoving all of our food on top of eachother!
Here's where we will be keeping our plates and mugs! The shelf comes complete with a cardboard insert to hold them all in place! My dad didn't make it out of wood in case we decied we wanted new ones at some point. At the moment we are using ones which were donated by my grandparents,  they are exactly what we need at the moment, but perhaps when I get around to re-upholstering everything, we might buy something to match.
We have a nice new wooden frame around out window, very neat!
My Dad made this VW hot pot stand a little while ago. Now he has made a clip to attach it to the wall, ingenious!
We have loads of storage now. You see that big cupboard door above the sofa, well we actually finished that bit quite a while ago, but check out what we used for a handle! We popped open the bubbly to celebrate completing one of the many stagest of Pip, and my Dad went and stuck the cork straight in the cupboard hole, it works great as a handle now that it has expanded again!
Champagne cork handle
This is the top cupboard on the left. It now has 2 shelves, but one is removable, so that if we need to keep a shirt or dress crease free, we can actually hang them up!
diy vw campervan cupboard
Here is the bottom cupboard which my dad signed inside, just in case we forget he made it!
t25 vw campervan
This is a little shelf and cubby holes next to our bed. We can use this for storing our books and popping our coffee on in the morning!
campervan makeover
If you are a relatively new reader, and you haven't heard about Pip before, you can check out our other adventures with him here.

But here is a quick reminder of exactly what he looked like before. This is what he looked like when we first bought him...
t25 vw campervan before pictureAFTER
And here is what it looked like when we had to strip it completely, because there was a leak that was gradually soaking the wooden floor. Luckily we spotted it and now its all fixed! Basically everything has been made a new except for the curtain and the sofa cushions, and even those have been changed to fit!
All that is left to do now is to make new curtains and re-upholster the sofa so that they match the floor! I did have it in mind that I wanted to paint all of the woodwork initially, but now I am not so sure, I quite like it! What do you think? I might wait until it gets a few marks and scuffs and then paint it so that I have a reason.

We are going away on sunday for our first trip with Pip's newly finished interior, and then we have a wedding on the 21st where we will be camping over, he is going to get some good use out of him from now on!

Yay for my Dad and his mad DIY skillz!

Laura xXx


  1. That van is simply gorgeous. You are very lucky to have a talented man such as your dad to help you with things like that. I really love the use of space and the colours. All the best of luck with it in the future xxx

  2. Oh this is so cool! I love all the storage designed to sit together, such good ideas, I hope you have a lot of fun and adventures with Pip

  3. I'm a bit green with envy about Pip - what a little stunner! Your Dad did a fab job.

  4. Amazing job Laura, Pip is a beaut! C

  5. Yay Pip is back! I've missed the updates.

    I think the cupboards would like great painted white, then you can add colour with your ulpholstery perhaps? Gosh I would have a field day making things for a camper van.

    Your Dad is a genius!

    Claire x

    1. I think white would look nice too. I can't wait to go fabric shopping, although I desperately need a new sewing machine before I can really make a start!

  6. I'm glad I popped by to rediscover Pip. Looking good! :)

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