Friday, 13 September 2013

DIY plant pot tutorial (for baby succulents)

DIY succulent plant  pot tutorial
Earlier this week I recieved a lovely little package from Harriet. Inside were some lovely little succulent babies! I didn't really have any suitable plant pots so I thought I would make some out of some glass tumblers I bought a little while ago from Morrisons. I got a set of 4 for just £1. I thought I'd try out three different DIY tutorials to spruce them up.

washi tape succulent diy tutorial
Washi Tape design
Lets start with a simple one! I don't think I need to tell you how to do this, but what I would suggest is that if your Washi tape is not particularly sticky, then use a little bit of double sided tape or a dab of glue to secure the end down.
spray paint polkadot plant pot tutorial
Polkadot spray paint design
To achieve this look I used a single whole punch on some masking tape. Then I wrapped the tape securely around the glass. I turned the glass upside down to spray paint, and then once it was dry I peeled off the tape.
diy polkadot pot

spray paint pot diy

gold polkadot diy
Sharpie arrow DIY pot
Sharpie arrow design
Sharpie actually lasts pretty well on glass, especially if it is on something that isn't handled often like a flower pot. I hand drew these arrows, but you could really go wild with this and draw whatever you want!
diy succulent plant pot tutorials

So there you go! Which one is your favourite? 

I think these little pots will be great for all my succulent babies, but once they get a bit bigger I will plant them up properly in bigger pots with drainage. I can't wait for them to grow up! I'm looking forward to displaying them in my new conservatory!

Thanks Harriet!

Laura xXx


  1. Love these Laura! I have some metallic sharpies so I think I'd try that DIY first :-)


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