Monday, 9 September 2013

Alphabet Dates - B is for Burley, buying stuff and bugs bunny!

This week it was Chris's turn to choose a theme for the letter B for our alphabet date.

The day we had planned it for suddenly go very busy, and we couldn't go out for very long, so I decided to hijack it and implement a day of buying stuff for our new house.  We were given some vouchers for M&S and John Lewis for our engagement by our lovely friends and family, and we had squirrelled it away so that we could use it when the time came to move out. Here is what we bought...
I'd just like to point out that we bought bath mats, a bowl and a bin!

So, the next day we had a little more time, and Chris announced that we would be going to Burley in the New Forest. It was quite good fun just nosing around the local shops and enjoying the sunshine.
This horse was really enjoying learning about Burley.
I tried to steal a lick of this Bull's ice cream, but he was having none of it! (how sexist of you assuming that it was a cow! Bulls can advertise ice cream too don't you know! In fact, the cows are far too busy producing milk, so logically it would have to be the Bulls that go out selling them!)
Chris sat on the Bottrell family Bench.
We spied Bugs Bunny waving to us from a window!
We had a Beer. Ok, it may have been a ginger beer, but that still counts right?
 And here is an interesting Big stone we found.
We have also started making use of my polaroid camera, so we snapped a photo while we were in the forest. Have you alphabet dated yet? Also, any ideas for the letter C next week would be very helpful!

Laura xXx


  1. You could visit a Cider factory or go Clay-pigeon shooting or go to a Chinese restaurant next week! :) xxx

  2. This is so cute! Maybe for C you could take a cooking class? Or I like Ellie's idea of a Chinese. It's my favourite type of food so I'd enjoy the photos. Maybe a Chinese cooking class?

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. Aww I love Burley, did you go to New Forest Cider while you were there? It always amuses me to see random horses about, last time we were there one appeared to be queuing for a cash machine :) C could be for canoeing, crabbing, conkers, candy canes or cobbler... I like the idea of chinese too though :)

  4. What a lovely looking adventure - I particularly like the knowledge-hungry horse! Cinema is the easiest "C" I can think of. You could combine it with Chinese, cupcakes and erm... crochet? xx

  5. Whatever you do next week should involve chocolate chip cookies.

  6. Loving this.Still trying to persuede the other half into the alphabet dating.I will persevere!

  7. Alphabet dates = genius idea!

    cruise?! (on a bike, maybe)
    grow carrots?!



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