Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Guest Post - DIY Macrame Pot Holders

Today I have my first guest post whilst I am on holiday, yay! It is brought to you by illustrator, cat enthusiast and succulent queen,  Harriet Gray!...

hello everyone, my name is harriet and today i'm taking over laura's blog!

i know laura is partial to a bit of diy, and like me, i know that she is very fond of the little green things that are slowly but surely taking over my tiny flat ... i'm talking succulents!

i'm a little bit obsessed with them! so i thought i'd introduce you to some of my favourites from my collection ...
potted succulents
i decided to take a few cuttings from my string of pearls succulent, and now that they've rooted it's time to pot them up. being a trailing succulent, they like to be free to hang, so i thought i'd make some simple mini macrame pot holders! ... and 'cause i'm nice, i made a little tutorial for you to follow!
you will need : a succulent, planted in a small pot (my pot is from ikea, if you were wondering), embroidery floss in a nice colour, a pair of scissors.
1. cut your floss so that you have four strands measuring approx. 60 inches in length.

2. gather them together *neatly* and fold them in half.
3. using the looped edge as the 'top' make a knot about half an inch down -

this will be what you hang your finished creation from
4. lay your thread down and section the threads out so you have 4 groups of two - you might like to  place something heavy on the 'top knot' to help you in the next steps (else it can get a little fiddly!)

5. gather two threads at a time and knot them together approx. 9 inches down the length of the thread.
6. repeat steps 4 and 5, only this time make the knot about 3 inches down from the previous row

7. again repeat steps 4 & 5 this time the knots are about 1.5 inches away

8. yep, you guessed it, repeat steps 4 & 5 about 1 inch down from the previous knots
9. tie all your threads together in one big knot (like you did at the top)
10. chop off the scraggly ends with your scissors to make a nice, neat tassel!

all that's left is to hang your succulent somewhere sunny and admire your lovely new pot holder! hooray!
DIY Macrame Pot Holders
Thanks Harriet!  These Macrame pot holders are the prettiest! Also, I think we all now want your tortoise plant pot! You can follow Harriet's blog here and visit her shop here.

Don't forget to come back on friday when I have Claire from Claireabellemakes guest posting with another brilliant DIY!

Laura xXx


  1. This is such a sweet and quick DIY! <3

  2. Ooh so simple but effective and practical at the same time :-)

  3. yay! thanks guys, glad you like it :)

  4. I love this one!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Take care!
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