Sunday, 28 October 2012

A day in the life...

This weekend we said goodbye to the rotting pumpkins (perhaps we carved them a little early) and hopped in Pip to visit my parents. Pip is still not quite finished, and we thought it was time to get his cupboard doors fitted inside.
rotting pumpkins
Whilst my dad worked on Pip, my mum cooked us up a delicious lunch. We had the choice of pea and ham or leek and potato soup, and we each got a piece of bacon and a special 'cheese crisp' on the side.
cheese chips
To make the cheese crisp my mum just grated some cheese, then rolled it into 4 balls. We put it in the aga until they went golden brown. She then moulded them around a spoon while they were still hot so they took shape. I'm definitely going to use this trick in the future, I wonder if you could make the crisps pretty shapes too?!
leek and potato soup
Chris went with the Leek and Potato (above) whilst I went with the Pea and ham (below), very tasty indeed!
pea and ham soup
My mum and I spent the rest of Saturday trying to clear out the boxes at the back of their garage. It has all been there since they moved in, so we though it was time to go through the various toys, clothes, photographs and scrapbooks and throw out what wasn't needed. I finally let go of my 'Total Film' and 'Empire' magazines which I collected about 10 years ago...'sob'. I had about 2 years worth!

There was a lot of stuff we couldn't bear to throw away though, and it all got packed away for another time. Pip managed to get 2 new cupboard doors, and also a very important wall has gone up (albeit not a very big one), which Chris tirelessly made the template for using cardboard boxes and masking tape.

It's not been a very halloweeny halloween so far, but at least we got out pumpkins carved in time, and they definitely look scary! 

Laura xXx


  1. Awww, poor pumpkins! I heard that if you apply a layer of vaseline over the pumpkin flesh (not the skin) then it delays the decaying process a little more.

    Those cheese crisps look simple yet delish!

    1. Oh well, at least I will know for next year! The cheese crisps were pretty yummy :)

  2. Poor little pumkins! Although, they do look extra spooky like that!

    That meal looks YUUUUMMY


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