Monday, 29 October 2012

Our Engagement Party

I thought I had better share some photos of our engagement party before they are seriously out of date. Unfortunately we got so caught up in all the fun, we forgot to take pictures! There were so many little things that would have made brilliant photos, and I am a bit gutted that I didn't plan ahead and take some before the party started. Never mind, you live and learn!

Luckily my Dad had the forethought to go and take a picture of Pip, who was doing a very good job at directing the partygoers to the house!
This is a beautiful edible rainbow which our parents planned in secret! My Dad had made a wooden, rainbow shaped food platter out of off cuts of pip. I was wondering for a while why there was a ramp on the table! Take note, at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold! You can just about see my rainbow cupcakes on the right there. I had a bit of a disaster when all of their bottoms fell off, but I made it work!
Chris' sister Rosie made us some personalised cocktails which were offered to all of the guests. I am so annoyed I didn't get a picture of them, they had umbrellas and everything!
Chris decided we had to play rounders! Unfortunately I wasn't really dressed for it, so I had to sit out this time.
We didn't realise this was going to happen, but we were summoned to cut the cake, and everyone gathered to watch! About 100 people! Chris' Dad and my Dad then made speeches. Totally unexpected and after 4 Lauracoladas I must admit I did wipe away a tear.
This picture really doesn't do the cake justice, but I don't have a better one at the moment. My mum made the whole thing, including the flower on top!
Our musical friends were very lovely and all pitched in to provide entertainment during the day/night. It was somewhat a superband as they had not all played together before, and some of them hadn't even met. They did a great job.
I had busied myself for weeks before the party making signs to go up around the house. You can see a few of them below.
We had a brilliant time, it just went way to fast! I guess it has prepared us a little for the big day though!

Laura xXx


  1. AWhh, love the typography! It looks like such a naturally great party, bet your wedding will look great! xxx

  2. Looks like one of those brilliantly relaxed and happy occasions where everything just flows perfectly. Congratulations again! x (PS: I need one of those tea-making stations everywhere I go!)

    1. I think it was pretty relaxing for everyone there, I am quite highly strung though so i was running round like a headless chicken for a bit! All good fun though.

  3. Congratulations! Looked like a fab party x

  4. Love the handmade signs and the rainbow food platter is aces! Congratulations! x

  5. It looks like a fantastic party! So glad you shared the images :-)

  6. Looks like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I don't follow however i love the blog do you mind me taking these ideas and me using it at our engagement?


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