Monday, 22 October 2012

Colourful Chocolate

So you thought that chocolate only came in brown or white? Turns out you were wrong! Now you can make chocolates in any colour you like. Here's how...
space invaders chocolates
You will need;
  • White chocolate chips
  • Food Colouring
  • A saucepan
  • A pyrex dish that fits snugly on top of the saucepan
  • Chocolate mould or novelty ice cube tray. I used a space invaders one bought as a gift but you can find it here
  • A spoon, a knife and some water (if you want to get really pinickety)
space invaders chocolates

  • Melt the chocolate chips in the pyrex dish, on top of a simmering pan of water. 
  • Stir until they are all melted and there are no lumpy bits. 
  • Add your food colouring and give it another stir to make sure there are no streaks. 
  • Fill your mould/ice tray with your new colourful chocolate. I used a knife to make sure there weren't any air bubbles and that the chocolate was all the way to the edge of the molds. I also used it to flatten them all down and scrape of any excess chocolate (I may have licked the knife at this point). 
  • Then just put them in the fridge overnight, in the morning you should be able to pop them out quite neatly.
These cute little space invaders made an appearance at our engagement party, and they must have gone down well as they were all gone pretty early on! Although I have to say I am surprised people identified them as food, they look more like erasers than chocolate!
space invaders chocolates
I found that I managed to get 2 rows out of 2 bags of 100g chocolate chips. I did want to make more so I tried using a bar of normal white chocolate. It didn't really work, you can see the result below. The colour didn't spread properly and instead I had a speckled effect, which i suppose is quite nice in it's own  duck egg way, but not really what I was after this time.
coloured chocolate
Another tip, which I only found by trial and error... Do not get any water in with the chocolate! I didn't dry my dish properly and it completely destroyed my fourth batch. I nearly only made 3 lines and had to make an emergency trip to the shops!

Just for the fun of it, here is a space invaders GIF Chris and I made. We just couldn't resist. Enjoy!
Space invaders chocolates

Laura xXx


  1. This is awesome! We have the space invaders mould too!

    1. I was getting sad when my ice space invaders were melting so quickly :( At least these last long enough to properly appreciate them! :)

  2. Laura these are amazing! I actually really like the speckly ones too. I'm not surprised they went down so well at your engagement party :)

    Anna x

    1. Thanks :) Yes, I suppose the speckly ones are quite pretty. Maybe I have discovered something wonderful with that mistake!

  3. This is such a lovely post. I thought they were cute little soaps on first look. I'd love to try make some colourful chocolate, it would make a lovely gift. Thank you for sharing! :)

    Also love the gif!

    1. Thanks :) I bet you could make little soaps with them too! Just don't make the chocolates with them immediately after!

  4. Amazing! And that gif is brilliant :)


  5. these are amazing! They would make brilliant gifts too :) x

    1. Thanks :) The chocolate chips cost me less than 2 pounds, so if you already have food colouring and moulds they would be pretty cheap to make as gifts too!

  6. These are so awesome! They look really professional too! Nice work! :)


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