Thursday, 21 June 2012

10 reasons why I want to buy a VW Campervan!

I get so excited about this, only to become absolutely crushed when the van of my dreams turns out to have some underlying fault, or gets snapped up by someone else!

My boyfriend and I want a VW camper.  Nothing too fancy, just a T25, water-cooled high top, that isn't going to fall apart the moment we buy it. Ok, so it's quite specific, but come on, there has to be the perfect one out there somewhere (local enough for us to view it first...).

So... here are the 10 reasons why I want to buy a campervan right now!

1. Making something that is uniquely ours - I am happy to buy a van with an interior that needs work. In fact I'd happily rip it out and start again! Just so we can have everything in it's place. 

2. Spending some quality time with my Mum and Dad - My Dad has offered to help with the above (I don't know how serious he was about that, but he'd better watch out because I'm taking him at his word!) I am envisioning sunny days with cups of tea talking over design plans. In reality I am sure it will be more sweating, saw dust in my eye and Dad having to swig a sneaky beer whilst wishing he had never offered help on such a hopeless task! My Mum is brilliant with crafty things like re-upholstering and anything involving fabric really! She will definitely be handy to help to make it pretty once the essentials are in. (She doesn't know this and hasn't volunteered yet, but I'm roping her in anyway!)

3. Learning new skills - Again, all of the above. Chris and I aren't the best with stuff like this, but my Dad is awesome, and he is such a perfectionist I'm sure it will all turn out better than I hoped, and we will learn how along the way.

4. Adventure - Getting out and about and doing unexpected things is what I am most looking forward to. I want to explore England and learn more about the country I come from. There are some pretty lovely places here after all!

5. Getting back to nature - I am excited to be in the countryside. To wake up to birds chirping and to fall asleep to the pitter patter of rain on the roof.

6. Having our own space - Chris and I are currently living with his parents. They are wonderful and we are so lucky to be able to live with them. But, we don't have enough money at the moment to buy our own house, and this would be like our own private get away, so we could have some 'us' time.

7. Spending more quality time with friends - Our friends have recently bought a campervan and I am dying to go away with them! We always have fun together, but at the moment it is just not often enough!

8. Having a cozy bed - When I was little we used to go away in our caravan. I remember my parent's bed being so cozy, I was always jealous. Now I want one of my own! (My parents actually met when camping when they were teenagers, they were part of a youth group in a camping club. I guess it must be in my blood!)

9. Time to read, drink tea, and be content - When I am at home I always feel guilty, like I should be out doing something. Hopefully once we are away I will be able to chill out without feeling I need to be doing anything other than the things I love.

10. ROAD TRIP! - I want to shout this before every adventure we go on. I will compose a playlist of songs relevant for each trip, and we will happily sing along the whole drive. Occasionally stopping to eat our home made (wheat free) sandwiches and pop out some Shloer!

Sounds like perfection to me! I hope it all comes true. We went to see a van on Saturday and I'm just waiting for my Dad's OK before we go ahead. Fingers crossed.

Anyone out there own a van and have any adventures to share?

Laura xXx


  1. hm. a friend of mine has one and she often takes her best friends and go to a lake and stay there for some days. Now I want to have one too, one day :)

  2. This is a fabulous list of reasons. I love the idea of owning a campervan- mostly because I like having everything in a specific place (I nearly lived on a boat once for the same reason!), but also because I imagine it would make every summer into a magical Enid Blyto-esque adventure.

    Excellent and inspirational choice of accompanying pictures- I now feel a bit closer to living the campervan dream, because I bought an old skool fold-out wooden ruler for 50p at a car boot last weekend :)

    Katie xx

    1. Absolutely! Although it is great to have a lot of space I find I just end up with clutter everywhere. I love the idea of just having what i need all in its place.

  3. this sounds perfect. I particularly like number 6. me and the boy are currently living with his parents and similarly cannot afford our own home at the moment - this sounds like the perfect compromise!


    1. Definitely. My friends who have just bought a campervan are in the same situation too. They say it is a bit like their first house :)

  4. oh man, I hope you get your dream van some day! I bet you would make it look so cute :) I would love one too, or maybe just a vintage caravan to make all cute..someday.

    1. Thanks :) Might not be too long of a wait, we are thinking of making an offer on one, eek!

  5. Ah! This is my dream! I got to paint the inside of a friend's Westfalia last year and I've been wanting one every since! I dream of getting one and just driving to Alaska on a whim...


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