Monday, 18 June 2012

Munchie Monday - Birthday scones in various guises

One of my best friends recently celebrated her birthday. We don't get to see her much as she lives and works in London.  However, we managed to get all four of us together for a rare afternoon catch up, so we decided to have a campervan picnic as the weather wasn't great.  Luckily my other friend has just purchased a rather lovely VW camper van, and we decided it was time for it to become 'The Party Bus' for the day.

We put up a banner and balloons and I made some scones.  I had super fun making these as I have recently invested in some new cookie cutters. These are THE BEST cookie cutters I have ever seen! (You can find some of them here) I tried out a Squirrel, and apple, a butterfly and  ... wait for it ... a dinosaur! Yes we had dinosaur scones!
I was really happy with the way they turned out, I thought they would probably loose their shape in the oven, but actually they both seemed to take on their own personalities (but still stayed dinosaurey).  I added eyes just so as there was no confusion.  I had a bit of a giggle when I cut them both out.  The raisins had stuck in a rather unfortunate place, but I will leave that to your imagination!
I know you aren't meant to play with your food. But I don't think that rule applies when you can make it look as though 2 scone dinosaurs have had a fight to the death!
We had a man shaped scone too, but he got too scared of the dinosaurs and split! (Get it??)

I love food that looks a bit different than you would expect it to. Have you had any fun food adventures recently?

Laura xXx


  1. Those dinosaur scones are absolutely brilliant! I imagine your friend's birthday was like having a picnic in Jurassic Park- must've been the best birthday ever! :)

    Katie x

    1. Haha, it was exactly like Jurassic Park, but instead of the dinosaurs eating the people, the people ate the dinosaurs! Only the Tyrannosaurus rex though, not any nice Diplodocus or anything :)

  2. I love your scones - what a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Literally do not know why I have never thought to do scones, or any other cutter related baking item using dinosaur or basically just any nice shaped cutter before!!! Genius. Dreaming of t-rex shaped sandwiches now, I think that's totally acceptable to have in my lunchbox at 20.xx

    1. Definitely acceptable, in fact I think you should have an entire zoo in your lunch box!


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