Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sea Glass Treasure Hunting

I did another quick whiz around the beach the other day to hunt down some pretty sea glass. Here is what I collected:

I really like the piece that looks like a bottle stopper. I wonder what it was used for. Also check out that blue rock! It isn't glass, it is literally a rock, but it's totally blue throughout! Weird.
I'm hoping to use all of my pretty sea-glass findings to make a mosaic of some kind. Maybe on a table, or maybe just something simple like a tray. Any suggestions? 

Laura xXx


  1. Those are lovely! I can't believe how incredibly blue that rock is; what a brilliant find :) I don't know how heat-resistant the sea glass would be, but I think making a circular mosaic trivet out of them would be beautiful.
    Katie x

    1. Oh yes, a trivet is a good call. Good thinking! :)

  2. So many pretty pieces!
    I wish our beaches had more beautiful things wash up on the shore, I have only ever found maybe 2 pieces of sea glass and I go to the beach every week! I wonder why they are so bare here.

    1. I think our beach is pretty desserted, luckily I'm probably the only one looking! You'll have to find a secret beach that no one knows about!

  3. i found a blue and white rock today it is such a beauty ..what did u made with urs by now?


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