Thursday, 20 November 2014

Now thats what I call a Hen party!

Hey guys, I know there's been a lot of wedding talk round here lately, but I'm afraid its going to have to continue for a little bit longer, although I think you'll enjoy this one if you like parties in general.  Todays post is all about my sister in law, as she is getting married in December!  On Saturday, in an act of immense team work, we threw Rosie the most spectacular hen party ever seen! (other than mine of course!)

Rosie is a fitness instructor/trainer, and also a dancer, as are nearly all of her friends! So we came up with the idea of having a 'bridal boot camp', where we put Rosie through her paces to see if she is ready to become a married woman!

We ended up having the party at my house, so I happily spent time making decorations prepping for the party. We went for a pink, gold and mint green colour scheme.   Here's Rosie and I  on the night ...
hen party bridal boot camp camouflage
hen party table decorationThe gold 'tablecloth' is actually some wrapping paper I bought from Tiger, it was SO SPARKLY!
bridal shower drinks
Rosie's favourite drink is Malibu, so we created a delicious cocktail by throwing in some ingredients and hoping for the best!
bridal shower table decoration
I bought these cute paper straws (not practical at all but they look so pretty!), and made little flags with the boot camp logo on them.
hen party memory game
We got everyone to send us pictures of themselves with Rosie, and a story about one of their favourite times with her, then she had to guess who had written them! It was good activity for in-between other games.
hen party photo booth pink camouflage
As a surprise, part way through the celebrations we had 'Sgt Watkins' (one of Rosie's bridesmaids) burst through the Photo Booth backdrop seen in the pictures above. We had hidden her away in my conservatory, ready for the moment where she would jump out and start ordering Rosie around. I think it gave some people quite a shock especially as she had a rather loud whistle.  It was very funny though, and she had made up some brilliant games for us to play in 2 teams.  There were several injuries in our drunken state, but noting major fortunately!
hen party goodie bags
I issued each of our 'recruits' with a utility belt (bum bag) which was to hold their survival kit for the night. I put all of their kit in my bureau and revealed them later in the evening, then they all came up and picked out their goodies. They had hydration liquid (water), emergency health drink (vodka shots), head gear (pink sweat bands), mini lipsticks, energy tablets (love hearts) and night vision location devices (glow stick bracelets).      .hen party survival kiten party survival kit sweetsRosie is a big fan of Harry Potter, so we gave her her final fling with a game I invented called 'Plant The Pucker on The Potter'. I got everyone into 4 teams (the Hogwarts houses of course!) and each person was blindfolded and had to plant their pucker on a Potter, avoiding Voldemort! Of course, Griffindor won!
hen party gameThe weird decapitated head in the picture below is actually the remains of a Harry Potter Piñata! To prove that there was now only one man for Rosie, we made her bash his head to pieces until all of the goodies inside fell out.
Inside was another challenge for Rosie! I had made her some temporary tattoos of her fiancé Alfie, which she had to wear to prove her commitment to him! They were quite big as you can see in the pictures below! I'm now selling these on etsy, so if you are interested in getting your hands on your own personalised groom you can find them here.
hen party customised fiancé temporary tattoo
hen party temporary tattoo of fiancee's face
Everyone else got a treat too, I had made 10 more tattoo designs of hunky famous actors! I got quite carried away with this, and I can now reveal that it has inspired me to start my own Etsy shop selling temporary tattoos for parties! So if you are interested in getting some made for yourself or a friend, You can buy them from here!  Which celebrity would you like to get inked up with?!

I'm also selling personalised portraits of the groom which can be bought here.
hen party temporary tattoos of hunky famous men
Anyway, they went down super well, and as you can see from the photos, some people even put them on their face! I also made some that said 'I'm having a blast at Rosie's bridal boot camp' which you can see on my wrist in the picture of Rosie and I.
hen party jude law temporary tattoo
temporary tattoo hen party
hen party Photo Booth army
boot camp hen party photo booth
idal boot camp Photo Booth
army themed hen party
At 10pm Rosies Maid of Honour had arranged for us to get a party bus into town, it was amazing and we got free sparkling wine which was yummy!  Then we got into town and another of the bridesmaids had organised us a private area in the club she works at, and again, more free booze!! It was a night of epic proportions.

We woke up, slightly fuzzy, to some lovely messages left on my chalkboard in the hallway, which I think we had all totally forgotten about the night before!
If you've enjoyed these pictures it would be great if you could head over to Rosie's Facebook page, and go ahead and click on the like button -  And if you are based near Epping you might even like to join one of her classes!

What do you reckon? It looks pretty good right? Whats the best hen party you've ever been to?

Laura xXx


  1. We love your hen party! So many great ideas and lovely details. The photographs look fantastic!

    1. Thanks so much! I love your website by the way! :)

  2. This looks absolutely fantastic! You made such an effort with the goody bags and the decorations- Rosie must've felt so spoilt! Those tattoos are AMAZING- I would totally put the Hugh Jackman tattoo on my face. xxx

    1. I think she had a fun time :) She did choose to have 9 bridesmaids, so yes, she was thoroughly spoilt!

  3. THIS LOOOKS AMAZING! I don't like boot camp OR pink but I would've loved this! The effort you went to and to make it all tie together- good work! I LOVE those temporary tattoos too!

    1. Thanks Sophie. I can't wait to get selling my tattoo designs, but finding the right sort of paper is taking a little while.

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