Thursday, 31 July 2014

A 90s party & a DIY Photo Booth

90s gif
If you saw my last post, The Makings of a 90's Party, you will know that I recently created a 90s Photo Booth, along with several themed props to go with it. We took some fantastic photos and I thought I would share the fruits of our labour with you today, get ready to be time warped back to the 90s!...

Also, the GIF above is courtesy of the fantastic new Party Party app by the Beautiful Mess team. It 's tons of fun!
gamers Photo Booth
As you can see, I went for the classic crop top and high waisted shorts ensemble Topped off with a nice bumbag, topknot scrunchie, 'tattoo choker', and yes, thats a bindi on my forehead, not a spot!
DIY gameboy pokeball Photo Booth
90s diy Photo Booth
pokemon Photo Booth
charlies angels style Photo Booth
gameboy Photo Booth
teenage mutant ninja turtles Photo Booth idea
90s Photo Booth idea
nintendo Photo Booth
turtles Photo Booth
balloons Photo Booth
The party itself was a triumph, so much effort had been put into it and we had some fantastic games like pass the parcel and musical statues. But by far the highlight of the day was the 'Art Attack' 3 rounder, the finale of which we had to create a Transformer out of rubbish. After learning our task, 30 minutes of complete madness ensued. Our team created the 'Arnietron' (in the middle) which transformed into a helicopter, or 'chopper'.  I did enjoy the name of the Transformer on the left which was 'Amazon Prime', and the one on the right actually transformed into a van! However, I am pleased to say that Arnietron won the battle on the day!
transformers challenge
Of course, it wouldn't have been an authentic 90s kids party without goodie bags! There was also a bouncy castle, loads of sweets and fizzy pop, face painting, and the odd balloon animal here and there!
90s goodie bags
I have to say, I kind of miss the 90's now! What are your favourite memories of that era?

Laura xXx


  1. I got married in 1999 so that would have to be my favourite haha! I was really into Buffy, was that the 90's?

    1. Oh yeah, Buffy was the 90s! My friend based her hair inspiration on Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  2. This looks absolutely incredible- what a brilliant idea that rubbish-bot challenge was! I'm totally stealing that for a future party. I particularly love the sucker-punch photo; that's definitely a keeper! xxx

    1. P.S. You look AMAZING in those tiny shorts- I'm positively emerald with envy at how toned you are!! She says, eating an eccles cake...

    2. Ahhh, thanks Katie. I was unsure if I could pull of short shorts AND a crop top, but I decided I should try to be authentic! :)

  3. OHMYGOODNESS THIS PARTY AND DEDICATION looks amazing!!! I wish I could convince people to be so dedicated! Id love a reason to hold a 90s party but not sure I can find one! Im 30 next year but then I should have an 80s party I suppose, but that's not quite as awesome! ALso, katie's comment crack me up! But I do have to agree with the envy of you in those shorts! xx

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