Saturday, 18 January 2014

My Favourite Christmas & Birthday Presents

geometric air plant terrarium
Christmas and Birthdays are great. It's so nice to get lovely new things! It is a shame that my Birthday falls so close to Christmas, and it all seems to be over so quickly every year!

This year I thought I would document some of my favourite gifts, so that I can appreciate them a little bit more.

My Mum must have taken notice of  my christmas wish list, because I finally got an awesome little terrarium with an air plant to look after. It can hang up as well! But I am plotting carefully where to put it as I have visions of it falling to a terrible death!

Chris's Mum was a little incapacitated this year as she had an operation on her foot, so she couldn't get out and about to go shopping. Instead she made us all lovely hooks to mount on the wall! Each one had a different design, and this one was mine!
diy shabby chic hooks
My friend Kate bought me a very cute foxy necklace which I have been wearing rather a lot recently. I don't usually wear necklaces much (probably because I don't have many), but I have even found myself actually wearing this one to bed by accident on several occasions. The etsy shop it came from has loads of other really lovely jewellery too, you should check it out. It is called BK& necklace
Chris did very well and bought me not one, but two jumpers in my favourite colours! Well, he actually bought me three if you count the Christmas pudding jumper I got in my stocking! This one came from Topshop, and along with the other one I am pretty much wearing it constantly. He also bought me some weird tiny socks that I don't know what to do with, but we won't talk about that!

topshop jumper
I love this massive L mug my friend Jess bought me for my Birthday. I had been eyeing them up in M&S for some time. Now I only need A U R A and then I will have a set!
Initial Mug
Laura xXx


  1. That mug is lovely! It must be frustrating having your birthday so close to Christmas. Perhaps you should start celebrating your half birthday too? :) xxx

    1. That is a fantastic idea! Maybe I will suggest that, but not sure how many people I will convince!


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