Monday, 4 November 2013

The Living Room

Our living room is looking pretty bare at the moment, as you can see from the pictures, but it has got great potential! The walls are white so it's a nice blank canvas to work with, and I like that it has floor boards instead of a carpet.  

There are two windows and a pair of patio doors into the conservatory, but despite this the room is still quite dark, because this side of the house is surrounded by a little woodland area, and the trees overhang the house. There are pro's and con's to that I guess; con -  being terrified the trees would fall onto our house the other day during the mega storm, pro - the lovely view and feeling of privacy we get, even though we live in a pretty built up area. 

Anyway, luckily the lamp in the room is super bright, so that helps to solve the darkness problem. The other thing will be to get less heavy curtains.

The sofas we currently have are both ancient, and I am looking forward to buying a proper, comfortable sofa soon.

We have decided that the colour scheme we are going to go for in this room is grey and yellow! I am quite excited to be tearing myself away from the mints and turquoises I have been obsessed with of late.
The plan is to get a nice grey sofa, and pepper it with pretty yellow cushions. I'd also like to get a single chair, perhaps in yellow fabric or a pattern.  I think I am going to try painting the fireplace grey, and I will definitely be getting new bright curtains, as the ones we have at the moment  are quite heavy, and make the room feel darker than it needs to be. I'm also dying to get a nice fluffy grey rug, as it is a little bit cold with no carpet at all. 

I am hoping I can pick up a coffe table on one of my dump trips, which I might paint to go with the colour scheme if it is a bit battered. I also want to find a wooden corner unit with drawers that the TV will fit on. I'd like to be able to hide our games and dvd's inside.

I found the glass display cabinet, pictured below, on one of my previous dump trips. I believe it cost me £8. It was a bit worse for wear at the time so I gave it a lick of paint to spruce it up a bit!  I'm not sure if it will fit with the new colour scheme, so I may have to re-pain it, or it might find its way to the spare room tour
Here is a little collage of things I have found which I think would look great together. I think we are going for a bit of a 60's vibe. I can't wait to start putting this into action!
Dream living room - grey and yellow

What do you think? Are you a fan of grey and yellow? Have you seen any furniture or accessories about that would match my colour scheme? I'd love to know if you have!

Laura xXx


  1. I have that sofa and couldn't recommend it highly enough - it's perfect for feeling tiny and cosy as the nights draw in. I really like that cushion from Next too. It must be so nice to start almost completely fresh in somewhere that's your own. x

    1. Oh really? Thats good to know! Thanks :)

  2. I LOVE Next's homeware. All their stuff is so nice. I'm assuming you want cosy rather than just colourful, but I've been obsessing over this yellow faux Eames Rocker:

    I think that cabinet would look lovely painted grey - and £8 is a bargain! xxx

    1. I know, it is all so lovely! And that chair rocks! Pun totally intended.

  3. I love the grey and yellow colour scheme. We're about to do up our bedroom and I'm really trying hard to convince the hubbie that it's the right thing to do! We had a yellow, grey and white colour scheme at our wedding too and it was just so lovely. Yellow is just a good life colour I think. You can't be moody in a yellow room!

    Victoria, x

    1. For sure, its just a happy colour! And hopefully it will brighten up what is at the moment a pretty dark room

  4. love your little cabinet with the tea pot in!

  5. Any idea what colour that sofa is?


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