Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Tour Of Our New Kitchen

kitchen tour
On friday we made our big move, it was a really exciting day!  I've finally finished unpacking boxes and our house is now starting to feel more like a home! 

My first priority was getting the kitchen sorted. It is my favourite room. Luckily the decoration was all already lovely, so all I really needed to do was a bit of cleaning and carefully choose where I was going to put all of our things!
retro kettle and toaster set green
I am so pleased with this Morphy Richards kettle and toaster set from Argos. I think the toaster looks a bit like a vintage radio! I love the colours and have decided that I am going to base the colour theme of the kitchen around them.  I'm going with cream, retro/pastel green, and  a hint of black to match the cooker and fridge.
tour of my kitchen
I had some vouchers for Next from when I left work, so I bought a drainer to match my kettle and toaster! Because for some reason we didn't have a draining board fitted. But actually this looks much prettier don't you think?
leisure cooker
I love my new 'Leisure' cooker.  It's so big! And it has an awesome hot plate which you can use to cook steaks or pancakes. I'm looking forward to trying that out!
my new kitchen
We picked a black Beko fridge freezer from Argos to match the cooker, and I think it was a really good choice, great value compared to a lot that we had seen. (Even if they did deliver it a 7:10am!) I'm also loving the cream bin we chose from Dunelm Mill, if there is such a thing as loving a bin?

A lot of things in the kitchen are second hand or given to us from relatives. Our awesome John Lewis knife set used to belong to Chris' cousin, but he kindly passed them on to us when he bought himself a new set. He also gave us some great pots and pans.  My 'pasta' tin holding the utensils next to the cooker once belonged to my Auntie Margaret, as did the washing machine. The blue tea set in the picture above was bought from a charity shop, and the  (faux) vintage radio next to the sink was found at a carboot sale, which I then painted.
cookery books
I didn't realise I had so many cookery books! It's lovely to be able to have them all out though.
kitchen-diner tour
I'm so glad this kitchen has enough room for a dining table, I think it makes it much more sociable! I bought my table from a car boot sale for £5! (It was the end of the day and the man didn't want to take it home again!) I painted the legs and sanded down the top. It is great because it extends so I can fit more people around it. You might remember that I made over the chairs in this post. The candlestick holders were given to me by my granny.

The light fittings were left from the previous owner, they are really pretty and they sure are bright!

My bureau came from the dump and was only £20. It just needed a lick of paint and then it was beautiful! It is definitely my favourite piece of furniture.  I wasn't quite sure where to put it, but it ended up in the kitchen and it may well stay there! I might make it my crafty corner as it is such a light room, and I will probably end up doing lots of crafts on the dining room table anyway. Maybe I just need a little table in the corner to put my sewing machine on.
window seat
I love that the windowsill  is big enough to use as a seat, and handy too since we don't have many chairs at the moment! You can't really tell from these pictures, but this window actually looks out onto a small woodland area at the front of the house. 
kitchen decor
And here are some lovely cards we were sent! The lady who lived in the house before left us a card, a bottle of fizz and 2 bunches of flowers, it was a lovely welcome!
The only thing we need to do in terms of decoration is get some nice green/cream blinds to match my colour theme. We're also hoping to get a dishwasher soon, as my parents are buying a new one, so we can have their old one. I'm quite excited about that as it will mean less washing up, yay!

I am so pleased with my new kitchen, I think I will be spending a lot of time in here!

 Laura xXx

Disclaimer - I was gifted the Morphy Richards toaster and kettle set from Argos, but I genuinely love them to bits!


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous space, I love seeing all the bits and pieces you've altered, you got some serious bargains with your table and bureau, painting them cream is such a great idea!

  2. Can I move into your kitchen? Absolutely gorgeous, so bright and cheerful! Enjoy it :-)

    1. Haha, of course! I am loving it so far. I can't wait to add a few more little touches :)

  3. Oooh this is such a lovely kitchen. We didn't have a draining board either, but yours is much lovelier than the one I bought from Argos!

  4. Oh it is so beautiful and dreamy! I could spend all day in there... *sigh*

  5. It's absolutely lovely and looks so well put together already! Your dish drainer is absolutely stunning. I really want one now; even though I hate washing up- a dishwasher was the first thing we bought after we got our house :p Also loving the window seat- those cushions are awesome. xxx

    1. The dish drainer almost makes me want to wash up! Having said that I don't think we will last long without a dishwasher, and we should be inheriting my parents old one soon, hurrah!

  6. I LOVE the kettle and the toaster!

    1. I just went and checked out their website, it doesn't look like they ship to Germany, but I can't find any specifics. Do you know anything?

  7. just come across this blog (lovely btw) your kettle is the exact colour I want for my kitchen you say its from morphy richards...what colour do they advertise that as? (I mean I know its green but what green do they call it so I can find it!!) xx

    1. Hi Jennifer, its listed as Sage green . Here's a link to it … http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/9065314.htm
      Hope that helps :)

  8. I love all the sage green/minty colors. Where can I get the drainer? I looked up Next, but they only sell major appliances. Thanks.

  9. The cream and pastel color scheme is a great idea for your kitchen! It adds a cheerful vibe to the space. I love the retro look of your toaster and how it matches the tea kettle. The pastel green drainer is definitely better than having a draining board fitted. It adds to the color scheme of your kitchen, and you can move it around when you need more space.

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