Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Alphabet Dates - C is for Camping, Crazy Bears and Cocktails!

So, it was meant to be my turn to think of a date idea for the letter C, but it was kind of a group effort. Chris suggested that we go to the Crazy Bear in Stadhampton, and I suggested that we go Camping for a couple of days before! This was our first trip out since Pip had been spruced up, and it's all SO much easier now that everything has it's place.

I've actually made us little wash kits up that we can just leave in the van, so we can get going at a moments notice! And they live in our new 'his n hers' cubby holes!

Since we run our own business we couldn't really stop working for the days that we went away, but as we had electric hook up we were able to work on the laptop and ipad between adventures, it was great!
Anyway, we stayed at Fir Tree Falconry in Banbury. It was gorgeous! Behind our van was a fishing lake (where you can probably catch carp, or cod), and in front was a beautiful view of the countryside. Can you spot Pip in the picture below?  There were other vans, but they were at the top of the hill, so it really felt like we were on our own. On the campsite was also a falconry, and we managed to get a sneaky peak of the birds. One of which was the biggest owl I have ever seen, they were amazing.
The day after we arrived we discovered that the campsite was right next door to the National Herb Centre. I never knew there were so many varieties of each herb! It was really interesting.
After the herb centre our main aim was a day out in Stratford-upon-avon.  So we hopped back in the van, and stuck behind this bus to make us a bit more aerodynamic.
We had a lovely lunch then wandered around the shops. This is the house Shakespeare was born in!
It got cold and we had to put our silly winter hats on.
Then we came across some lovely Shakesperian sculptures, here's Chris hanging out with Lady Macbeth.
And here's good old Shakey himself.
The following day we went to Oxford, as it was en-route to The Crazy Bear. I found a Deli online before we got there which served wheat free bread for Chris!
The Crazy Bear sure lived up to it's name. It was Crazy! The reception was a double decker bus! We had a bath in our bedroom, and the sink in the toilet was made of glass. The carpet in the dinig room was leopard print, and the walls were covered in Ostrich leather!

As part of our deal we got a free afternoon tea, which included a cocktail that came in a glass teapot, and a glass teacup! It was raspberry flavour, and you got a jug of cream to pour in to make it raspberry ripple!
It was a great trip! Next time we are on the letter D, I wonder where that will take us!

Laura xXx


  1. That looks like an amazing date! I desperately want to go the Crazy Bear now :)

  2. Wow, the Crazy Bear looks amazing.

  3. The Crazy Bear looks epic. It had me at double decker bus, but that cocktail looks TO DIE FOR. Good work on all the C's :) xx

  4. Like the look of that deli
    But not of Shakespeare's belly!

  5. Looks like y'all had an utter blast! Such a beautiful place and that Crazy Bear is AWESOME. What a happy camping trip.

  6. The alphabet dates are leading to some wonderful little adventures!

    P.S. Your nail design was something special in the cocktail photo!!


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