Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Getting organised with a Blog Organiser!

blog  idea organiser

I have discovered that I am happiest when I am most organised. Unfortunately I've been rather disorganised lately, especially with this here blog!

I currently have about 5 different note pads containing all my ideas, brainstorms, to do lists, notes and goodness knows what else! I'm sure I have a lot of really useful information in them, but finding it is going to be virtually impossible. Today I am solving this problem!

A little while ago I saw another blogger reveal her blog planner. Unfortunately I have since completely forgotten who this was (another reason I need an organiser), so if this looks familiar please let me know who I can credit the original idea to.

Anyway, instead of just keeping ideas in a book, this clever blogger had decided to use an A5 ring binder. This way pages can be inserted or removed and it will still remain tidy! If there is a topic I have forgotten I can add it at a later date. Hurrah!

Now A5 ring binders seem to be a little difficult to track down. However, I finally found one at trusty Paperchase. You can find it here. I also decided to buy a pack of coloured card, as well as a pack of note paper, which is meant for a recipe book. I would actually recommend buying this lined paper instead as it is cheaper.

Of course, the outside of the organiser is very important. I decorated it using a white gel pen and (you will never guess) pretty coloured nail varnish!

You might recognise the font, it is my favourite and features in the original Wrapped Up In Rainbows logo. I copied each letter from here. You can download it for free too.
initial ideas
Inside I have decided on 5 categories.

Initial Ideas - For me to write down brief ideas as they come to me
Ideas - For when I want to fully draft my ideas
Notes - When I see good blogging advice in books I am reading or on another blog
To Do... - A growing list of all the things I want to do to make my blog as good as it can be
Brainstorms - I like to brainstorm my ideas once a week so this is a good place to keep track of them
Sketches - If i have an idea that I can't quite put into words, this is where I will squiggle it out

to dos
How do you organise all of your ideas?

Laura xXx


  1. This looks amazingly cute! I just put to do lists in the back of my school notepad, this puts me to shame! x

  2. That looks brilliant! What a good idea for organising all your thoughts (and a excellent opportunity for some new stationery- always a winner :p) xx

    1. Yup, I have a weakness for stationery too! :)

  3. Wow this looks awesome. I have a similar sort of thing, an A4 notebook with templates stuck in. I like the idea of a ring binder more though, you can add pages so easily! And yes Katie, any excuse for new stationery! xx

  4. This is such a good idea. I have 3 notebooks in my bag for my different jobs and my desk is covered in post its. Heading over to paperchase website right now. xx

  5. This is a great way to organize all your ideas and help keep you focused. I'm still in the stage where I have a million notes scattered everywhere with all my ideas in them. I need to make a notebook like this to keep me inspired and organized!

  6. What a fantastic organiser! Will be picking up a few tips for myself, thank you!!

    Sophie :)

  7. Brilliant idea Laura, I love the designs on your dividers and it wouldn't be a proper DIY without some nail polish! X

  8. Why didn't I think of this. I'm excited to get organized and start my own :) thank you.

  9. This looks amazing! I used to be super organised but I've gotten lazier over the years. I think this would just distract me from actual blogging.

    Love that font!

  10. This is super neat, I definitely need to start something like this :)

  11. I use the sticky notes feature on my laptop. It's organized chaos.

  12. This is such a great idea, I've been trying to find something to organise my ideas and such! I seen a post that was a month by month diary but I can't seem to find any anywhere atm. So this seems like a good alternative!


  13. You certainly inspired me to get myself organised!



  14. This is an amazing idea! I really need to start getting organised with my blogging, at the moment I just use post-it notes and a notepad!



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