Saturday, 18 May 2013

DIY Jumping Clay Space Invaders

clay space invaders
In my Crafty Creatives box last month I received some Jumping Clay. I had never heard of this before and was unsure what to do with it until I saw Claireabellemakes post, where Claire used a button mould to make little clay buttons.

You may remember a while ago I made some chocolates using a space invader ice cube tray. Well, I decided to get that back out and make some cute little space invaders that I can keep!
jumping clay
It was a pretty simple process as you can imagine. The two little tester packs I had made exactly 4 space invaders. The clay itself is quite interesting, it's a lot lighter than any other clay I have used before, and it does bounce if you drop it! At the moment they are sitting happily in my office, but I am quite tempted to turn one of them into a brooch. What would you do with them? 

space invader mould

Laura xXx


  1. These are adorable!!

    I've never heard of jumping clay before.

    I really want to buy some of these moulds, I have loads in my faves on Etsy, but I don't know what I'd do with them yet. So much stuff to play with, so little time huh? ;)

    Sophie :)

  2. Great idea, have been wondering what to do with mine. :-)

  3. This appeals to the geek in me LOVE them! :0)

  4. You could make these into buttons too if you make holes where their eyes are. A space invaders cardigan would be pretty awesome (or you could use them to button something for your wedding- blue and new!) xx

  5. Never heard of jumping clay before but these look awesome

  6. Thanks for the mention! I actually have this mould too and we make all sorts in it.

    Love the clay version though, super idea! I am definitely buying more of this clay as I get really bored warming fimo haha :-)


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