Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Review

In Life...

We looked for houses, planned weddings and got organised!

What We Watched...

Sunshine Cleaning - My friend lent me this and I really enjoyed it. It is a bit of a strange subject matter though, about 2 sisters who start up a crime scene clean up service. Interesting!
Lord of The Rings Return of the King - I believe I only every watched this once before, which is terrible seeing as how big a LOTR fan I used to be, and how many times I had watched the others.  But it made watching it again all the more enjoyable. I am REALLY looking forward to the next part of The Hobbit coming out now!
Snakes on a Plane - Did  what it said on the packet! I have to say I do really like Samuel L Jackson in pretty much any film!
Django Unchained - This was awesome! I used to be a real Tarantino fan so it was great to see this. It was rather strange watching it at the cinema at 11am though!

What I read...

The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the ring - You may be sensing a theme here. I'm swatting up for the next Hobbit film. Also, if there are any LOTR based pub quizzes going on in the near future I will surely come in handy!

A Street Cat named Bob - What a sweet book this was. Any cat fans out there should read this!

The Great Gatsby - I have been meaning to read this for a long time and when it was on offer on the Kindle for only 70p I jumped at the chance.

The Happiness Project - This book was really inspiring and I can relate so much to Gretchen! It's definitely worth a read. She has a blog too which you can find here.

In Blog Land...

This has been a month of firsts for my little blog! I jumped in to the crazy world of outfit posts with this post. I also decided it was time to host my first giveaway!

I received a liebster award from Besma at Bonjour Madmoiselle, how exciting! Because I had received one of these before ( you can see the first post here) I decided I would answer Besma's questions on my monthly review, so here they are..
  1. If you could be any film character for real, who would you be? I think Marilyn Monroe's character Sugar Kane, from Some Like it Hot would be fun. She carries a hip flask, she seems like a fun gal!
  2. Favourite artist/piece of art? This is difficult! I don't think I have one actually. I do like art, but I've never really had a favourite artist.
  3. Best band you have seen live? 'Everything Everything'. They were amazing and seemed genuinely excited that the crowd knew all their songs, I think we must have been at one of the first gigs of their tour.
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I would stay in England but find somewhere really quaint and pretty. Can I have a holiday home somewhere thats always warm though? I'm having enough trouble deciding where to live in real life so this is probably not the best question for me to answer!
  5. Favourite author/writer/poet? This is a tricky one, there are so many! But since I am totally obsessed with Lord Of the Rings and The Hobbit at the moment I will have to say J.R.R.Tolkein
  6. If you had one wish, what would you wish for? Eternal Happiness! Thats pretty all encompassing, right?
  7. Do you have a phobia of anything? Large replica whales and dinosaurs. I have trouble in museums!
  8. Do you still get Deja Vu? I used to get this SO often, I haven't noticed it as much recently but I do still get it from time to time.
  9. Biggest guy crush? When I was a teenager I had a massive crush on Josh Hartnett.I remember having a picture of him on one of my school exercise books.
  10. Biggest girl crush? Probably Zooey Deschannel, I do love New Girl!
  11. Gold or silver jewellery? Gold
Thanks again Besma!

My Favourite Posts...

Laura xXx


  1. Hope the wedding planning is coming along ok!
    Did you find your dress in the end?

    1. Hi amy, its good to hear from you! I haven't actually looked at any more wedding dresses yet. We are concentrating on getting the venue sorted at the moment, but hopefully will be thinking about wedding dresses again soon! :)

  2. Hey, Laura!
    I came across your blog while looking for nail art pictures (which I used one of yours on my most recent post, hope you don't mind...) and loved it. I created mine recently and now you're one of my new inspirations :D


    1. Aw, thats awesome, thanks Laura. So glad you liked the idea and yours look great! :)

  3. I loved A Street Cat named Bob!
    I keep hoping I'll see him one day, I'd be such a fangirl!! haha

    1. Haha, it would be awesome to see him in real life!

  4. I love these review posts, just makes you realise how much you have achieved in such a short time. X


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