Monday, 19 November 2012

Aztec Nails

You may have noticed I have been going a bit mad with Aztec recently. First Aztec Rings, then Aztec Buttons, and I have another one coming later this week, so watch this space! I just really like the pattern and the chance to use lots of colours. It is actually quite therapeutic to draw and the design doesn't have to be perfect to look good. So, now I introduce Aztec nails!
I was really worried that my right hand would turn out to be a total mess, my left hand is not the best when it comes to drawing! However, I think it actually turned out almost as good as my left hand, thats it below.
Aztec Nail Art
 Not bad huh!?
nail polish
The supplies I used were;

  • Seche Clear
  • Barry M - Mint
  • Barry M - Peach Melba
  • Rimmel Pro - Aqua Cool
  • Rimmel Pro Beige Babe
  • Models own black nail art pen
  • Seche Vite

Laura xXx


  1. You are AZTEC GIRL!!! These are awesome, but I would never be able to recreate (messy nail painter).

    Claire x

    1. It's getting that way isn't it!? You never know, you might be better than you think. Also, when I was finished I had nail varnish all over my fingers as well, I just stuck them in a soapy bowl of hot water for ages :)

  2. I could never get the hang of these with a Models Own pen, my trusty Topshop one really does the trick though.

    1. I just bought a topshop one! Glad to hear it is good :)


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