Friday, 16 November 2012

A day in the life...

This weekend Chris and I decided to go on a mini weekend trip to Wareham in Pip. I have just been given my own area to look after at work all the way through Christchurch to Swanage and Wareham, so I thought I'd better learn where the heck I am sending my lorries! (I work for a waste disposal company and send out the drivers to empty bins... very glamourous!) What better way than a weekend away! 
We set out early on Saturday morning, stopping along the way for breakfast at the service station McDonalds for an egg mcmuffin to really get into the holiday spirit.
I diligently "navigated" the whole way, only stopping to take really important photographs! At one point I made Chris turn the van around because I saw a sign that said 'Antiques' and I could tell it was one of those shops you could have a good old rummage. When we first walked in the post man came in behind us. There was a little girl who I assume was the owners daughter playing on the floor. The postman pointed in awe to the area the little girl was playing in and exclaimed 'A space!'. The little girl replied 'It won't be there for long!" As we walked into the shop I could see what they meant! The place was a maze and it was so jam packed I was afraid to touch anything in case the whole lot fell down. The speciality seemed to be tea sets but they had pretty much anything you could think of. I can't belive I forgot to take my camera in! It would have made a brilliant photo opportunity!
When we got to Wareham we found another lovely shop called ReLoved. I wanted everything in it especially the awesome vintage cabinet in the second photo down.
Next stop... hot chocolate, obviously.
Then we made our way to Corfe Castle. We didn't actually go in but we had a good look from the outside and explored the village which was beautiful.
We payed a quick visit to the 'Museum'. It was tiny but very informative, and we even got to see some fossilized dinosaur footprints.
We had some yummy food at the pub, we decided to share 3 starters. After lunch we had to rush back to the van as our ticket was running out of time. Then we headed to the campsite for the night, we played cards, ate tomato soup, and watched Tron. On Sunday morning we headed to Bournemouth for some shopping, I popped into WH Smith to see if they had Pretty Nostalgic in stock. They did! And here is me excitedly finding the page with my contribution on! Hurrah!
The hot air balloon at Bournemouth always makes me smile. Isn't it pretty? We had a really lovely weekend, and Pip was especially happy because the man serving at the garage said he was 'made in the golden age of life!' The only thing that spoilt the weekend was realising I had forgotten to pack my tea, then finding that my coffee had congealed into some caviar like substance. Oh well, at least we had hot chocolate to keep us going!

Laura xXx


  1. My goodness your pictures made me so happy. This looks like absolute heaven. What a perfect sounding day!

    1. Aw thanks :) It's so nice when you actually remember to take pictures of the day to remember it, i always forget!


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