Sunday, 19 August 2012

Holiday Snaps & Misadventures

I thought I would let you see a few snaps of our ...
Here we are ready to leave for Dartmoor! We stopped off at Charmouth on the way to do some unsuccessful fossil hunting.
Me and Chris in Pip
On our first full day we walked to Fingle Bridge. There was a lovely Pub, which we had lunch in. We then ventured onwards towards Drogo Castle ... 2 hours later and we were still walking... up a very steep hill! And guess what, when we got there, the Castle was closing! I was dreading the walk back, so with limited signal, we managed to call a taxi, but before we could book it a lovely couple who were volunteering there offered us a lift home. Hurrah!
Fingle Bridge, Dartmoor
Then it was time to head to Wadebridge. On the first day we went to Tintagel Castle, but I stupidly forgot my camera. The weather the following day looked promising, so we headed for Treyarnon Bay. It was beautiful, and Chris went for an explore.
Rock climbing
I was very excited to get a Mr Whippy ice cream, only to drop it minutes after this photo was taken. I was devastated, but as it fell on a rock I felt that the 3 second rule applied.
Mr Whippy
We explored the rock pools and found this beautiful, if a little slimey, rock face. I am happy here because I managed the treacherous path to get across. (I only fell in a bit on the way back).
Green rock face on the beach
 We tried to use the timer on the camera to take a photo, but Chris somehow lost his footing...

 So we gave up on that idea, it was far too dangerous. Meanwhile...
...below, children had joined forces to create a massive barrier against the incoming tide! They were really going for it and seemed to be doing a good job. We had to leave before we saw the full outcome,  but they fought valiantly.  When we got back to the van we found that Pip had made a friend. He didn't really want to leave, but we let them exchange addresses so they could stay in touch and managed to drag him away.
VW T25 Campers
We went for a delicious meal out in the evening. Unfortunately Chris's stomach was not a fan of the mussels and we had a rather humorous night. Worried that we may both have food poisoning I psychosomatically contracted Chris's illness, and then joined him in dashing back and forth between the van and the toilet block. Incapable of doing much the next day I decided to get on with my cross stitch, while Chris lay invalided in the back. We also watched a lot of The IT Crowd and ate lots of soup.
Goonies Cross Stitch
Here we are, Chillin' in the van, did you spot me in the mirror? This was probably not that day, Chris looks far too well.
Me and Chris in the van
On our last day we visited the Eden Project. This was taken in the Rainforest Biodome. They were offering a magical drink called Baobab for only a pound. It was yummy.
Baobab Juice
 There were so many pretty flowers to take pictures of, unfortunately it was a bit steamy!
The Eden Project Flowers
After we left Wadebridge we stayed one night in Blandford, which is where my parents and grandparents happened to be camping.

It was a great trip despite its many disasters. I didn't even mention the wind and rain, or the fact that I had packed a pack of cards that was missing 3 of its deck! Or the time when I went to turn the tap on but it fell off instead and water went everywhere!

It was an adventure, and that was the whole idea. We are looking forward to our next one!

Laura xXx


  1. Yey Pip has a buddy! Your holiday looks just as an adventure should - lots of ups and downs but with fun all the way. x

  2. ahh it looks like you had such a good time! and adventures always include a few mishaps, that's all part of it i reckon :) i'd love to be able to just hop in a van and go holidaying x

    1. Definitely, I am sure they will be the most memorable! We are taking Pip to his fist party tomorrow night and camping in a friends garden, which is lucky because the weather looks like it is going to be yuck!


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