Thursday, 5 July 2012

DIY Tutorial - Tea Towel Aprons

DIY Tea Towel Apron Tutorial So, you want to make yourself a personalised apron without all of the faffing? Brilliant, find yourself a pretty tea towel and lets get going!

You will need :
• A (large) tea Towel
• Scissors
• A sewing machine or a good old fashioned needle and thread.

The tea towel has already done most of the hard work for you, now all you need to do is...

1. Cut the arm holes out. You may find it useful to use an apron you already have to judge the correct shape. If not just judge it by eye, but make sure both sides are equal by folding in half.
Make your own aprons
2. Fold the cotton tape in half and pin it around the apron as shown in the pictures below. Try to make it so the ties are even and there is still enough room to get your head through. This may take a few goes but it is best to make sure it sits correctly at this point.
Tea Towel Aprons
DIY Apron Tutorial
3. Simply stitch the cotton tape to the tea towel on both sides, making sure you catch both sides of it and the tea towel in the middle. You can do this by hand or using a machine.
DIY Apron Tutorial
Snip of any loose threads and you’re done!

These are really quick to make. They are much cheaper than buying a pretty apron too. I have been buying packs of 3 tea towels from Dunelm Mill for £5.99, so adding the cost of the cotton tape that is less than £3 per apron! I made Chris' mum a set of 6 for her birthday. As she teaches painting classes I thought they would look lovely hanging up in her workshop. She was really pleased with them, and I was right, they do look lovely!

Apron TutorialDifferent Apron PatternsThese aprons make a great gift
Laura xXx


  1. This is a brilliant tutorial :) I love those teatowels; definitely need to take a trip to dunelm mill asap!

    Even though I have an awesome Batman apron my bestie made for my birthday, I would be so excited to receive something like this as a present! I'm not surprised Chris's mum loved her present :) x

    1. Well, you can never have too many aprons! Dunelm Mill have a great selection, I have probably bought them all now to make these for various family and friends :)

  2. This is great now i can have the apron i really want!

    1. There's a set at Dunelm Mill with Cupcakes on them! And one of the designs is almost identical to the background of your blog!

  3. You make it look so easy and cute! I made an apron last year from a pillowcase which was pretty similar I suppose, but it certainly didn't look as good as yours! (: xx

    1. The only bit that was tricky was making sure to get all 3 layers in when sewing, but as long as you pin it right it turns out ok :)

  4. these look so fantastic ;) I need a new one, Now I know how to make them easily :)


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