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Wedding Photos - The Girls Get Ready

quaint thatched cottage
I can't believe it has been over 3 months since Chris and I got married! At long last the professional photos have arrived and I'd like to share the photos of the day with you! As you might imagine, there are rather a lot, so I've decided to split them into groups, and today I'm starting off with the girls getting ready!

Our wedding was held at a pretty church in the quaint village that my parents live in, there's a picture of the house above! Cute right!?  It was only a couple of minutes walk to the church, so we didn't need to worry about transport, and my bridesmaids and I could have a leisurely morning getting ready.  The only thing we needed to worry about was the weather!

As I woke, I heard that feared drip drip dripping, and the sky was grey.  It looked like we were going to be making use of the umbrellas my Dad had purchased especially!
confetti and umbrellas
Nevertheless, we were all in high spirits, and we had a lovely breakfast together and a glass of bubbly.  I had made little make-up bags as gifts for the girls, each with their name on the front matching the colour scheme of the wedding. I wrote them all a special letter as well, and we had an emotional few minutes before we got down to business!  I chose to do my own hair and make up, besides anything else I'm not actually sure where we would have put any more people. My parents house is beautiful, but tiny. I fear it would have been rather over crowded with anyone else there!
bridesmaid gift
wedding make-up

50s wedding dress
I chose a tea length Justin Alexander dress, which was perfect for the 1950s vibe I was after. My Dad quickly glued a lucky sixpence to my shoe while we were getting ready, and my Mum had made me a garter out of vintage lace (something old), it had a little blue ribbon running through it (something blue) and a gold heart that once belonged to my Great Auntie. My Mum bought my earrings for me, but decided that she would keep them afterwards, meaning that my something borrowed was sorted too! The dress and the shoes were new, that counts right?

I'm so glad I decided to go with a vale, as the pictures that are coming up are some of my favourites! To begin with I really didn't think I wanted one!
bridesmaids reaction shot
bridal vale
50s wedding dress
bride and bridesmaids
wedding bouquets
My bridesmaids were my new sister-in-law, and my three best friends who have been my close buddies since school. They were all wonderful and helped out loads, they worked hard to keep me as calm as possible, and I have to say, for a highly strung person, I was really pretty chilled, so they must have done a good job! 

My Mum made all of the bouquets on the day, you can't really tell from this photo, but there were some gorgeous succulents nestled in mine too.

As you can see, we got very lucky and the sun came out just in time for photos and for my Dad to walk me to the church!
walking to the church
I was pretty nervous once I heard the bells starting to chime, but it was so lovely to be able to walk to the church. Lots of the villagers came out to take photos and I felt like a bit of a celebrity!

Next time I'll be posting some of the pictures of the boys getting ready in a very wet marquee! I think the girls scored the best deal on that one!

Laura xXx

All photos were taken by my wonderful photographers Peach and Jo Photography!


  1. What beautiful photos- you all looked stunning! You were the most stunning, obviously :) I love the bags you had made for the bridesmaids - so sweet! xxx

  2. Lovely! Your dress is stunning, as are the bridesmaids, love the colours, the flowers, your veil, well just love it all! Beautiful!

  3. My goodness Laura, you look so beautiful- I actually got a bit emotional looking at these and i never get like that! Hope you are enjoying married life :) xx

    1. Aw, thanks Sophie :) Enjoying it so far, doesn't really feel much different except I have to keep referring to Chris as my 'Husband' which is a bit weird!

  4. Love, love, love! Stunning setting, absolutely classic beautiful ladies and the something old, new, borrowed and blue story is the sweetest!!!

    Best wishes, Danielle x


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