Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Alphabet Dates - D is for Don't go out!

alphabet date - d
What a miserable day sunday was! Yucky rain but a perfect excuse to make our 4th alphabet date 'don't go out!" Although we actually did because we decided we should buy a couple of 2 player games, and an extra console for Chris's X-box, which he got for his birthday recently. We braved the dismal (I know, clutching at straws) weather to go into town and visit Game, but rushed back quickly so that we could play.
Letter D - Alphabet dates
After much deliberation in the shop we settled on 2 rather different games.  Resident Evil, because we like zombies and we like the films, and the Simpsons Game, for a more lighthearted option!

We also decided to treat ourselves to a healthy Boots meal deal for consumption during the games. (I'm really upset that none of this begins with the letter D)
boots meal deal
quicheedamame beans
Alphabet dates, simpsons game
We started off with The Simpsons which was pretty entertaining, but actually quite difficult for what it is. 

I think we both preferred The Resident Evil game, although it took a while for me to stop cowering behind Chris's character when I heard zombie noises. It turns out that there is a button you can press which makes you just follow the other character, which was useful for me since I was having trouble walking and looking in the right direction at the same time! It was alright until Chris stopped walking, then my character just ran round him in circles which apparently he found to be quite distracting! 

Anyway, I'm getting quite good at killing zombies now, and it has put me properly in the mood for the new series of Walking dead. Woohoo! 

Next time it will be letter E, now that is a tricky one. Any thoughts?

 Laura xXx


  1. Hmm, E? Are there any elephants near where you live?
    I haven't played video games in so so long.

  2. I think you mean healthy Boots meal deal with deal bolded, because it totally starts with a D. And video games are an awesome date.

  3. Bahaha I'm beyond hopeless at video games- what's the "run around like a headless chicken" button, please?

    Hmmm... E... escapism? Ecuador? (Rather unseasonal) egg hunt? Embroidery? #

    I think I'm out of e's. xxx

  4. Eating? Exercising? (a bit boring, I know), Engraving?, Eavesdropping? (possibly scraping the barrel a bit now) :-) x


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