Thursday, 22 August 2013

Experiments With My Video Camera

The other day, Chris and I went with his Mum and Dad, to my parents house, to show them the church we will be getting married in.

I decided it was high time I used the video function on my camera, so I took some footage of the journey and the bits and bobs we did that day.

Since we got engaged I have spied some lovely wedding videos on the internet, and I really wanted a videographer for our wedding. However, as it goes, all the good ones are rather expensive! So, I decided to test out if I could edit together a relatively decent video myself, out of the footage I took on our little church expedition day. The idea being that we get a couple of friends to capture the highlights of the day, then I will edit them together afterwards.

My camerawork is rather shoddy in this instance (I'm sure you would never guess that I graduated with a degree in Media Studies!), but actually I quite like the effect this gives once you put it all together. It is that kind of home made style that wedding videographers seem to be trying to capture these days anyway!

I wish I had shot a bit more footage so that I could have made it a bit more pacey in places, but I'd love to know what you think.  If you stick around to the end there is a VERY cute donkey.

Would you hire a videographer for your wedding, or perhaps you have already done so. Would you recommend it?

Laura xXx


  1. I really want a videographer but Tom seems to think it's a waste of money and with the cheapest of the ones I like coming in at £1,500 it is a lot of money. x

  2. We thought about having one, but then decided not to. I think we concluded that although it would be nice to help us remember the day (as everyone tells us it goes by so fast), it is a huge expense (if we were going to get one I would want to make sure they were really good), and we aren't actually that keen on watching ourselves on screen. Will we sit down and pick out the wedding dvd instead of Harry Potter one evening before we are in our 70s say? Probably not. :)

  3. I didn't have one at my wedding. We did have our friend record our first dance on a camera we gave him to use since we had a full-out choreographed dance, and in that case a professional videographer would have been nice, but for us it wasn't worth the overall expense.

  4. I loved your video... I think it would be amazing to do your own for the wedding, too... What a lovely, personal way to remember your day. No one else can capture who you guys are that day, and how you felt and experienced it. It's such a busy time, and its so hard to decide where you should put your own energies and attention, and where other people should do the job. Best of wishes on your journey...

  5. Love this! Especially Chris' enthusiastic singing.

    I think getting your friends to film is a great idea.

    Claire x


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