Friday, 19 July 2013

Holiday in Turkey

turkey holiday
I have returned from my trip to Turkey! But my head and legs still think I am aboard a boat! The last two mornings I have woken up swaying!

Well, I had a fantastic time and we did loads of exciting stuff as well as having a jolly good relax.

I'll keep it short but sweet by filling you in with bullet points of some of the things we did while we were away;
  • Played the Pirates of the Carribean theme tune loudly whenever we set sail
  • Climbed a rocky island, braving crickets, bees, bunnies and lizards! (can you see us in the second picture below?)
  • Took photos of Chris jumping off the boat.
  • Played at being Columbus by claiming and naming new found lands! 
  • Swam to the shore and collected pretty stones and sea glass.
  • Followed some dolphins!
  • Ate delicious mezze's.
  • Lost a flip flop and a camera when jumping off the back of the boat - and then managed to retrieve them in a dramatic James Bond-esque style.
  • Went on a night-time trip in Douglas the Dingy.
  • Celebrated Chris's Mum's Birthday with lots of sparklers!
  • Saw lampshades made of funnels, buckets and straw hats!
  • Got sick for 3 nights in a row and had to rent a hotel room. This is becoming a trend, which you might notice if you read last years holiday post. It's not really a holiday unless you're sick, right?
jumping in the sea
nail design and sea glass
funnel lamp shadesdinner time
Laura xXx


  1. Beautiful photos. Laughing so much at the bit about the POTC theme tune, it must have made everything feel so epic.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. It did! Although it made me want to do some swashbuckling too, which was probably quite dangerous! :o

  2. What a fantastic looking/sounding holiday! I laughed out loud at the idea of you playing the PotC theme tune every time you set off. How funny :) xx p.s. also love that you named the dingy!

  3. looks like an amazing holiday!! Hope the camera's ok xxx

    1. Luckily it was my Dad's camera and he had it in a clear pouch that was made for keeping the camera safe under water, otherwise i'm sure we'd have never seen it again!

  4. Gorgeous photos Laura, it looks like an amazing holiday! Your nails looks absolutely beautiful in the photo with the sea glass- such a nice colour combo! Glad you had fun :) xxx

  5. Sorry about the sickness. Love the dolphin photos

  6. I hope you're fully recovered from the sickness.

    Those dolphins! *squeal*

  7. Jealous! Ive always wanted to see Dolphins!! The amount of times Ive had boat trips to see them is unreal. Looked like an awesome trip - very restful :) I do the same by the way. Have to take a stone with me from the beach with the intention to collecting them. Never do! tehe.

  8. Looks like you had the most fabulous time! I love your photos, they are just so good! Xx

  9. WOW! It looks like you had a fabulous time! :)

  10. This looks amazing! I would love to swim in the ocean right now!

  11. Beautiful pictures Laura...

    Amazing place to visit.
    International Tour Package


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