Saturday, 25 May 2013

Anniversaries, Unaniversaries and Flowers!

Yesterday (friday) marked exactly 1 year until Chris and I tie the knot! It was also my parents wedding anniversary. So to celebrate I went to stay with them for a couple of days to discuss weddings, while Chris set off for a fun day at Thorpe Park with his mates.

First on the wedding planning agenda was flowers! We thought we would check out which ones are in bloom at this time of year, as we will mostly be using flowers we can collect from around the village in the arrangements and bouquets.

We went to visit one of my Mum's neighbours, Susan, who knows her stuff when it comes to gardening! She let us wander around her garden taking pictures and getting inspired. Apparently this is the time of year when blue and purple flowers like to come out to play. I didn't know that the flowers bloom in groups of colour, but apparently that is a thing!

I'm not very good with flower names, although I do know the one above is lavender. The one below is technically known as "MASSIVE daisy". There's also a pansy and a lily thrown in down there somewhere I believe. Leave a comment if you know what any of the others are called, I'd love to know.
wedding flower
purple flower
small flowerspurple pansyyellow flowerpink flowerslily
pink flowergreen succulentspurple succulentbright green succulents
Look what else I found in Susan's garden. It's a succulent goldmine! This is definitely inspiring me to add a few of these cheeky chappies into my bouquet! However, I think this would make it very difficult to part with with it when I have to do the obligatory bouquet toss!

Anyway, the wedding planning went very well. As well as flowers we covered food, drink, timing, decoration and dresses!

I will leave you with a little froggy my Dad showed me, apparently he lives in their garden, underneath the outdoor tap. Cute!

I hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday weekend!
Laura xXx


  1. Beautiful post! I love taking flower photos. :)


  2. Gorgeous flowers! The yellowish one underneath the pansy photo is called a dahlia. And I think the pink one above the succulent photos is a zinnia. I don't what the other ones are, but I hope that helps a tiny bit.


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