Wednesday, 3 April 2013

White and Blue Polkadot Nails

polkadot nail art
Today I thought I would show you a really simple but very cute nail design I tried recently.  Who doesn't love a few polkadots!?
So, pretty simple really. Just paint your nails a base colour, once dry you can start dotting them with your nail art pen. I got mine from Primark for a bargain!

I would suggest practicing a little bit on paper before you try on your nails. I found that mine gave the perfect splodge of white by just pressing the tip of the pen down vertically for a second. You want to try to do them so they are all roughly the same size if you can. I can definitely see myself trying this design in lots of different colour ways. I have already tried  grey and black which you can see in this post.
polkadot nail art
Laura xXx


  1. These are super cute! A perfect choice of colours too!!

    I've tried to do polka dots before and failed, but you've inspired me to try again!


  2. I love this nail colour. Bought it last weekend and adore it's perkiness! The polka dots look so cute!

    1. I think it is my fave nail colour at the moment, the quality of it is great too! :)


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