Monday, 29 April 2013

My Adventures with Bobby Glam Hair Extensions - Video Tutorial and Review

hair extension tutorial
Hey guys, check out my new hair! What do you think? Ok, I have to admit, not all of it is mine, some of it belongs to Bobby Glam! Here's what my hair is like normally ...
I was excited to say the least when Bobby Glam approached me and asked if I would feature their product on the blog. I had never used hair extensions before, and to be honest there was a time when I would have never dreamt of sticking someone else's hair on my head! It seemed rather a strange thing   to do. Perhaps some of you feel the same? However, recently I had wanted to try some out for myself after I had seen my boyfriends sister wearing them, and she pulled them off stunningly! She curls hers, so for an evening out she would just pop them in, and perhaps curl a few sections of her real hair too. It sounded super easy and I would never have guessed it wasn't her real hair.

As you can see, my hair isn't exactly short anyway, but I liked the idea of adding a few extra inches, and also the extra volume I would get. Once the extensions were in I thought I would have a little bit of fun styling them, so have a peek at some of the simple styles I tried out and after I will let you know my thoughts in full.

If you stick around to the end of the post you might even see a cheeky video tutorial! Even if you aren't interested in the tutorial I would love to hear your opinion on the video. It is my first one which is very daunting but also quite exciting! Hopefully there will be many more to come in the future on all sorts of subjects, and I would love to hear your feedback. Anyway, back to the hair!  bobby glam hair extensions
I even managed a fishtail braid! Which is virtually impossible to do on my normal hair!

Just in case you were wondering, here is a picture of what the set looks like when it is not attached to my head...

I can't compare these to any other brands of hair extension, since it is my first time wearing them, and I am certainly no expert! Please remember that these are just my first impressions and I have not yet worn them for long periods of time.

Having said that I have heard that Bobby Glam do some of the thickest hair extensions, and they certainly added a lot of volume for me! I found the length of them perfect too (these were the 16 - 18in set). Long enough for me to feel the difference, but not too long that it looks fake.  I am sure I could pass this off as my real hair to people I haven't seen for a while!

To get the colour I had to send Bobby Glam a picture of my hair, they matched me as Iced Coffee, and sent me the triple weft set. When they arrived I was a little worried that they may be a tad too dark, but because the hair has a few shades in (one of which matched my colour exactly) it seemed to blend in pretty well. I have been thinking of dying my hair a slightly darker shade and I think they would still work well with that too.

I found them easy to clip in (once I had figured out how to do it), and they seem to blend seamlessly with my own hair. My only criticism is the fact that they did not come with any instructions, and to a hair extension novice like me it was a little confusing.

So, to help solve the mysteries of hair extension application I have made you a little video of the way I figured best to do it! I have found there is also a fun game that can be played with this video, it's called "spot the frame where I am not pulling a silly face". There are very few! It turns out that I am very expressive when I talk. Enjoy!

Disclosure - I was not paid to write this review for Bobby Glam, but I was sent the product free of charge. Everything I have written (and said) is my own opinion and was not influenced in any way.

Laura xXx


  1. Wow, you look very beautiful, and the hair extensions fit you perfectly. It looks very realistic, and it even matches your hair color. Anyway, thanks for sharing this tutorial with us, a lot of people will definitely benefit from this tutorial. All the best!

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx


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