Sunday, 31 March 2013

March Review

In Life

The most exciting thing that has happened this month is this!  We've also got on well with our wedding planning and have recently booked our photographer. It's all happening!

What We Watched

Due Date - Starring Robert Downey Junior, and the crazy guy from The Hangover, this film was pretty funny, I enjoyed it
Goon - Sean William Scott plays a complete contrast to his American Pie character in this film. A sensitive guy, ironically a bouncer, who then ends up playing semi pro ice hockey. He can't skate, but he throws a mean punch! Not one I thought I would particularly like, but this is actually quite a sweet film despite its agressive subject matter!
Oz the great and powerful- I'm quite a fan of the original Wizard of Oz, so this was a great one to see at the cinema.  It tells the story of how the Wizard ended up in Oz,  and became the wizard! I found that it honoured the original well, starting in black and white, and changing to glorious colour once he reached Oz. It's got a great cast too.
Cockneys vs Zombies- This was a pretty standard British Zombie film, although it was no Shaun of the Dead!
The Promotion - Another Sean William Scott film. This time he plays alongside John C Reilly competing for a promotion (of course). A nice friday night film
Back to the Future and Back to the Future 3 - These are such classic films, although I definitely need to watch Back to the Future 2 now!

The Walking Dead - We are most excited about the season finale airing in America on Sunday.  If you like zombie films and you haven't watched this series yet I suggest you check it out, it is awesome!

What I Read

Trash - A wonderful book! You can read the full review here
Jamrachs Menagerie - I bought this after Amazon recommended it to me as similar to The Night Circus. It was not at all what I expected!  It is about a boy, Jaffy, who escapes the slums of Victorian London with a chance encounter of a Tiger and his owner, Jamrach! However, the story takes a rather unexpected turn when Jaffy goes off to sea to hunt for a Dragon, and the ship sinks! I won't tell you what happens in case you want to read it, but be warned, it is not for the faint hearted!

In Blog Land

This was the month of the Cambridge Blogger Meet or #CamBlogMeet. It was fantastic and we were given a wonderful goodie bag each. I can't wait for the next blogger meet up! I may even be organising one myself so watch this space!

This month I have also done 17 posts in total, that is the most I have ever done in a month, yay for March!

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