Friday, 30 November 2012

DIY Gift Ideas - Limoncello

Second in my DIY Gift Ideas series is homemade limoncello! Yes I spelt it wrong below, but surely it should be spelt that way, its not made from limon's after all is it!? 
Homemade drinkshomemade limoncello
chalkboard paint
chalkboard paint bottles
 • 5 lemons
• 1 Litre of 37.5 abv vodka
• 430g sugar
• A Kilner Jar
• Small glass bottles

Make sure the jar is sterilized then pour in the vodka, followed by the sugar. Grate the lemons and pour them in too. Give it all a stir then seal up the jar. Store it in a dark place for a few weeks and give it a shake every day to help the sugar dissolve.  Decant into smaller sterilized bottles and you are done!

I used recycled miniature wine bottles for mine. I prettied them up by painting a rectangle of chalkboard paint on the front and tying a little handmade label to the neck of the bottle.

I gave these bottles to my 3 best friends last year, and there was still lots left over for me to drink on New Years Eve! I'm not much of a shot driker usually, but these made delicious shots! A bit like eating a big lemon and sugar pancake without the pancake, and with a ton of vodka instead!

Laura xXx


  1. This means I could basically GET DRUNK ON PANCAKES. I cannot tell you how long that has been my dream... :)

    1. Haha, so glad I can help fulfill your dream! :)


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