Friday, 3 August 2012

Pip Update - Having a good old clean

And so, it was time to clean... we cleaned here, there and everywhere!
Giving Pip a clean
Below you can see the left side, which has been cleaned and T-cut, and the right side which was yet to do. Big difference huh!? Ok, so it was probably a bit more noticeable in real life...
Clean VW Camper
Time for a picnic and a rest on the lawn. I'm not asleep I promise!
We found a naughty bug-a-lug on Pip's Lei.  Your journey ends here Mr bug!
Testing out the van. You can catch a glimpse of the finished floor and bed in the background if you look closely!
There was another very important job to do! Do you remember that Pip was missing his VW badges?
Well now he has some! He is much happier now that he is a real VW! I found both the back and front badges on ebay, the silver had all worn off, but I won them for £13 which was a bargain, and we just sprayed them back to their lovely silvery selves!
We have left Pip at his grandparents this week. My dad has been trying to work out how to put our new fridge in. I am very excited to get back tomorrow. The plan is to work on him all weekend, if he's not finished by then we'll have to keep going, but hopefully we will get him done by mid-week and can start out on our first adventure! Hurrah!

Laura xXx


  1. Pip is looking pretty swell! You guys have been working hard. Can't wait to see the interior when you get there :-)


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