Thursday, 19 July 2012

Celebrating Kate and Mole's Birthday!

Hand made Birthday Card
On Monday it was my very good friend Kate's Birthday, and it had also just been her Boyfriends Birthday too. So, how to celebrate?

I like to make my own cards and I decided to draw a picture of us together. I trawled through the facebook archives and found a nice one of us at Bestival dressed as Trekkies! I am amazed at how well this turned out really, my drawings can be a bit hit or miss! And i was brave and drew the whole thing in Biro. Admittedly I look a bit like a man in drag, but Kate looks lovely as always, and thats the most important thing!

Next on the list of ways to celebrate was the glaringly obvious Rainbow Cake!
Rainbow Cake Recipe
My first task was to find a recipe for white cake. That is cake without egg yolks. As normal cake is kind of a yellowy colour the food colouring would not come out as pretty. In the end I settled on a recipe I found at Divine Baking (I just didn't do the lemon curd filling).  I made the mixture as the recipe says, then just separated into 3 bowls and coloured each using a different food colouring. Then I filled the cake tins with a layer of colour at a time. I use Wilton Food Colourings and I bought them from Here

Finally I had to find a recipe for Chocolate Butter Cream Icing. I found a simple one which just asked for:

225g butter
450g Icing Sugar (Although I accidentally used Caster sugar instead! Whoops! Tasted fine though)
4.5tsp cocoa or 125g melted chocolate
9 drops vanilla extract

Below is what the cake looked like when I evened out the top by cutting off the top with a bread knife. Pretty!
Mulitcoloured Rainbow Cake
Aside from accidentally using caster sugar, I found there was WAY too much of it! (Maybe because it was meant to be icing sugar) Luckily I noticed before I put it all in, so I just kept some back. I then just dolloped it all over the cake (there was still way too much mixture!) and here is the finished product...
Rainbow Birthday Cake
And here we are devouring it...
Rainbow Cake Recipe Yummy Cake Rainbow Cake Rainbow Cake
It actually tasted really good! It was my first try at a proper cake ever so I was very pleased. Kate took the rest of it to work the next day and apparently it went down very well! Blooming good job too because it took me about 4 hours to make it!

Oh, and because I am in a good mood due to the copious amounts of sugar, I shall leave you with the original photograph my card was based on :)

Have you celebrated any fun Birthdays recently?
Me and Kate at Bestival

Laura xXx


  1. It looks delcious, well done you! I've always wanted to try doing a rainbow cake :) xx

  2. The card and cake are both so clever! You are clearly multi-creatively talented :)

    1. Thanks :) Although I think I may have just got lucky this time, the cake was very nearly a disaster!

  3. That cake looks sooo delicious! I've never thought about making a white cake before to make the colours pop; definitely going to give that one a go soon. Can't think of any birthdays coming up, so I'll just have to bake a cake to celebrate Saturday :p

    Katie x

    1. I've never made a white cake before either, but it seemed to work really well. Although it's a bit more of a faffing as you have to whisk the egg whites first, which added to the humongous mess I was making of the kitchen!

  4. Such a pretty cake, I've attempted similar cakes before and can't believe I ever thought to bake a white cake instead. Makes the colours really pop and works so much better, will definitely be stealing the recipe for my boyfriend's little brothers upcoming birthday. x

    1. You must let me know how it turns out! :)


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