Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Guest Post - DIY pom pom necklace

DIY Pompom necklace

I should be heading back from my holiday in Turkey today, but whilst I am recuperating from the journey, here is one of my blog pals from across the pond to with another great DIY!...

Hi guys! My name is Erica and I blog over at Caught On A Whim.  I love creating beautiful things and am so excited that Laura invited me to share this fun DIY with you today.

Ready to create a fun pom pom necklace?


Stuff you'll need:

Wooden beads


1. First, we'll attach the wooden beads to the twine. To start, simply thread the twine through the bead like so:

2. Next, loop the twine around and through the bead once more. Be sure the bead is placed where you want it to be on the necklace.

3. Pull the twine tight. Now, the twine is wrapped around the bead. This will hold the bead in place on the necklace. Add as many beads to the necklace as you'd like.

4. Now, we will make some mini pom poms using a fork. First, wrap yarn around the fork. I wrapped my yarn around about 50 times. Next, tie a strand of yarn around the wrapped yarn. Make it nice and tight. Finally, take the yarn off the fork and clip the loops on both sides. Fluff up your pom to get it nice and plump, and trim it into a nice round shape. (P.S. This is a helpful video tutorial for making pom poms this way.)

5. To attach the poms to your necklace, use a large needle to thread the twine through the poms.

That's all there is to it! I love how fun this necklace is! You can mix it up with different beads or changing up the pom pom colors. The possibilities are endless!

It's been so great to meet you guys, and a special thanks to Laura for having me over today!

If you try out this tutorial, be sure to let me know. I'd love to see yours!

Erica x

Thanks Erica! This is a very cute DIY, I'd love to give these pompoms a go, maybe even make a whole necklace from them as well, like a pompom garland!

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did.

Laura xXx


  1. So pretty! Those pom poms are just delightful. Hope you both have a wonderful day!

  2. very nice and great idea, thank you for showing it.

  3. the pom pom add a great touch to this diy necklace!

  4. You know how much I love pom poms! This is super cute :-)


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