Sunday, 23 September 2012

DIY Tutorial - No Sew IPhone Stand

Hi everyone, sorry I have been so quiet recently. I have been busy with lots of engagement party planning. Today I am going to show you a new take on a DIY I tried a little while back. You can find my original Iphone Stand Tutorial here. As it seemed to be so popular I thought I would show you a simpler way of making this without any sewing.
DIY iPhone Stand
First off you will need to gather your supplies, you will need:
  • Thick card
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler 
  • Knife or scissors
  • Decorative paper of your choice
  • Ribbon or Double sided tape
iPhone Stand Tutorial
Take your card (this time I used a cardboard box) and cut it into 4 rectangles. Two pieces should measure 11.5cm by 6cm, one 11.5cm by 5cm and the last 11.5cm by 9cm. The Largest piece will form the base.
DIY iPhone Stand Tutorial
Next you want to decorate the pieces of card in your chosen paper. I used a thin, tissue paper, so I glued it to the front using Mod Podge and tucked the edges around the back (below). Then I cut out a square to fit the back side and glued that on too.
iPhone Stand
However you decide to do this you will want to make sure both sides are covered fairly neatly as they will both show. You could even paint it if you don't have any paper you like.
DIY iPhone Stand
Once your card is covered you will want to create the 'hinges' for your stand. You will need 4 pieces of   ribbon, at least the length of all of your pieces of card when they are lined up in together. If you don't have ribbon you can use double sided sticky tape to make your own like I did. Simply find some paper and stick it to the double sided tape, then cut off any excess.
iPhone Stand Tutorial
You are now going to line up your pieces of card as below (largest and smallest at the ends), then glue or stick your ribbon to the edges. Remember to leave a little gap between the pieces of card so that the hinges can work properly. You will need to do this on both sides.
Tutorial for an iPhone stand
Thats it! You should now be able to fold it up as below and your Iphone will happily sit on its pretty new perch.
DIY iPhone Stand Tutorial

Laura xXx


  1. This is so clever and cute, wonderful DIY! xo

  2. Wow! That is so simple and so pretty! Very nice idea! :)

  3. I love this!! Looks simple but sooo useful!

  4. Thank you! I will be making this as a stocking stuffer for my hubby's phone :)

    1. Brilliant, so glad it will come in handy :)

  5. Very great idea and wonderful DIY. Thank you so much. I'm guessing you don't live in the US and I wondered where you got the pretty tissue paper. I found your blog as a result of you being featured in Diane's Craftpod blog yesterday or the day before: And I'm glad I followed her link to your blog even if it was from last Fall. Great work, Laura.

    Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ, USA

  6. I praise your contribution to make people with engagement, keep update blog with new tutorial.

  7. Simple yet very useful tutorial. Truly appreciate your idea.


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